I just discovered moviesanywhere.com and it’s groundbreaking

Here’s me getting ready for a long plane ride to Fiji tomorrow (tough mission, someone’s got to do it, more on that later).  In my usual somewhat last minute way, realized “oh crap, I need to get some of those movies i’ve been meaning to catch up on ready to watch on the trip” a bit earlier today.  Since my primary device for the trip will be an iPad, I purchased a couple of them on iTunes.  Always a slight feeling of oh well, that’s stuck in that silo then as I tend to move between devices / services a lot.  Oh well, life is too short.  I then wanted to grab the free digital copies that you get from physical disks: in my case I had the Ultra HD copy of Guardian’s 2 and I wanted to get that as well.  I also had a couple of other ones.  So I did the usual thing, redeem, select a service to redeem onto, iTunes, same feeling of being silo’d, there goes another one.  But at least I get to not be sitting regretting being an idiot for 12 hours.  Apron closer inspection, I noticed a new service to redeem onto: moviesanywhere.com .  I so nearly passed it by but so incredibly glad I didn’t.  

Basically moviesanywhere.com is like a meta directory of movies you’ve purchased through any of the compatible services (currently iTunes, Google Play, Amazon Instant Video, Vudu).. you connect your accounts for each service and they essentially sync with moviesanywhere so you end up with everything you’ve purchsed on all the services.  Just read that sentence again.   

Having attached iTunes to moviesanywhere and successfully redeemed the digital copies,  I opened up the TV app and low and behold there was the newly redeemed title along side my new iTunes purchases.  I then tried attaching my Google Play account to moviesanywhere and now, not only did all of the titles I own on iTunes appear in my play store library, but also titles I had purchased from Google play appeared in the iTunes TV app!!  My lord so you end up with the superset of content registered in the moviesanywhere database and then access is enabled in all the attached services!  No way!

I did have to pick myself up off the floor at this point.  Studios actually doing something to eliminate silos and put consumers first.  Wait, what? 

But seriously, this is amazing news.  Purchsing movies is not cheap by any stretch of the imagination.  But if that purchase, whether physical or digital now unlocks access in any of the services I use rather than only one I know it will make me more likely to buy more content.  Smart move.