Powershell tip: how to unblock multiple Windows binaries

When you download a random Windows executable or binary, Windows Defender attempts to protect you from malicious code.  This is awesome for less savvy users as it prevents them from accidentally running something that might harm their machine.  We live in uncertain times, dear reader, where fake news, spyware and generally malicious entities are rife.


There are times when more experienced amongst us have a legitimate reason to download and run naked binaries that Defender doesn't know about from trusted sources.. I really do mean to download this program and I want to run it gosh darn it; the simple act of right-clicking on the file and clicking the unblock button gets you going in this case.


Only problem is, what if you have, for example, downloaded a beta version of a large program containing many nested forders of binaries.. in my recent encounter with this issue, Adobe Character Animator 2.0.  Unfortunately you can’t simple select the folder and unblock all contents using the above technique.


Oh wait: wonder if Powershell can help me?  

Caveat Emptor: Windows is blocking untrusted binaries that your browser has downloaded for a reason. Use this technique with extreme caution if and only if you know where the code came from and you trust the sender.

PS C:\users\jeclarke\Desktop\CharacterAnimator> dir -Recurse | Unblock-File

Job done.