Post-PC Fail: Unable to renew Apple Developer Membership in Safari on iPad

Once again bitten by the iPad not having a “full” / “proper” browser.  I’m traveling with only an iPad (I don’t want to think about work at all whilst on sabbatical so no Surface / Windows for me), get an email from Apple saying my Developer subscription is running out in 13 days, attempt to renew, got in fine with two factor authentication,  click renew membership:


..and i get this: 


Another time I’ve soarly missed the Surface Pro 5 on this trip.   Not sure what to do next other than try and find an Internet cafe.  Oh well.  Dear Apple: 1) if you are serious about this “Post PC” thing, please ship a full no compromise browser on the iPad 2) failing that, at least make all your own web properties including the developer ones work with the mobile subset that Safari supports.  Thank you.