Off to visit NAB 2018

I’m writing this form a secret bunker in SEATAC airport as I head to the National Association of Broadcasters exhibition in Las Vegas, NV.  Back when I worked in the Post Production biz doing ROOT6 and ROOT6 Technology and, previously Avid, this was pretty much an annual pilgrimage to work the booth, demo and talk to customers (and in one extreme case pull an all nighter on the show floor to complete writing the product code for a stage demo).

These days it’s an opportunity to catch up with old friends and check out the latest guerilla film making gear.   My list this year consists of 

  •  Adobe: find out what’s new in Premiere, After Effects, check out Andrew Kramer’s doubtless awesome talk [SL4610]
  • Black Magic Design : New Pocket Cinema Camera 4k, Resolve 15, the usual overwhelming array of small black boxes [SL5816]
  • DJI : Always full of dope tech [C2207]
  • Fujifilm : Cinema lenses, X-H1 and GFX [C7225]
  • Sony : Check out the A7RIII and friends [C4325]
  • Canon: Tease them about failing to innovate in the pro SLR space [C4325]
  • CODEX Digital : See what’s going on with 8K production.. and rib Dando about his Shed Exectutive Producer credit on Black Panther [are you guys exhibiting?]
  • Freefly Systems : their new phone gimbal and the latest Movi Pro updates [are you guys exhibiting?]
  • Zhiyun : check out the crane v2
  • Atomos : Give ‘em crap about firmware updates for the Ninja Inferno [C9425]
  • Really Right Stuff love you guys [C8843]
  • B&H Would be rude not to visit, right? [C10916]
  • Red cameras [N201LMR]
  • Haivision [Renaissance]
  • SmallHD [OE5098]
  • Vision Research Phantom Flex [C10035]
  • Google [SU218]
  • Anything VR/AR
  • Whatever “the thing” is this year

Obviously it will be awesome to catch up with the ROOT6 guys and check out the latest improvements to “my baby” over at SL7613

I also want to use the trip as an opportunity to complete a blog post on SmartSLR’s, let’s see if I have time.

If you are at the show and would like to say hi or catchup, DM me on twitter @clarkezone